This Is My Circus……….

June 10, 2017

Some of these things cannot be made up…seriously. Childcare is not what I would call a “fun” job. New employees, bright and cheerful from their Early Childhood Education classes, full of idealistic thoughts of sweet cherubic children listening attentively,delighting in each child-centered activity and busily engaging in activity while politeness and respect ooze from every pore are often stunned by the reality of the dirt, grime,tantrums and chaos that our career involves. They wonder what happened, they question their career decision, they blame it on our center. It isn’t our center’s fault.

Childcare is a dirty, stinky, tearful business that is not for the faint-hearted. If you are fainthearted when you begin a career and  stick with it for 10 or more years, you will

grow stronghearted and confident or you will become bitter. It is a career of constant adjustment, a career that requires ultimate flexibility in every area, and a career that has at its core the love of children. If you do not have a deep-down love of children and a passion for their well-being, you will not survive. If you are not able to change EVERYTHING(including your clothes after a toddler has thrown up his lunch on you), you.will.not.survive.

Childcare is dirty. As a childcare provider, you will become intimately acquainted with bodily fluids. You will deal with them daily, hourly, moment by moment. There will be gloves, but nothing can prepare you for the surprise of a diaper leak of a 9 month old with diarrhea. And I do mean diaper leaking on you as you hold her and wonder what the warmth seeping into your lap could be ! Nothing brings reality into focus as much as a baptism from a 3 month old baby boy whose diaper you are changing before you get a fresh diaper on his bottom ! And then there are breast milk bottle spills and leaks. Again, they are on you, on your clothes. Spit up happens too. For some babies, it happens every bottle !

The dirt in a toddler classroom comes from noses and food and bottoms. The diaper messes are bigger, the runny noses constant and the self-feeding messes are tremendous.

Toddlers are very, very busy and totally unconcerned about their own safety and welfare. Toddler teachers are magical people who manage to be both police officers and Mary Poppins ! Toddlers bite each other, hit each other with found objects and climb anything that provides even the smallest place to put their feet. A Toddler teacher’s job involves constant activity change. To keep her sanity, a Toddler teacher changes activities every ten minutes. Messy activities are favored. Water tables with filling and dumping toys, fingerpainting,homeade playdough, even mud play outdoors keep Toddlers creatively engaged for 15 minutes at a time or more, if one is lucky ! Toddlers will go where activity is and toddler teachers need to only sit on the floor with a basket of blocks to have the entire class gather. Toddlers delight in knocking down a tower of blocks and in learning to build their own. What they learn while doing this involves every system in their little bodies. Play is their work.

The key to managing a class of toddlers or twos is timing and having a list of ten or more activities at the ready. When attention lags (observation skills are needed)in one activity, another one must be easily pulled together and put out for transition. Yes, there will be tantrums that interrupt, yes, there will be accidents that need attention, yes, there will be the child that always arrives at 11:00, when everyone else is tired, weepy and ready for lunch. And that child will probably be ready to play, fresh from a morning nap at home, not understanding why her friends are grumpy. Excellent teachers find solutions for these times such as pulling out a favorite book to read while the coteacher changes diapers, singing familiar songs with motions or giving everyone a piece of paper and a marker or crayon while sitting with them and talking about the colors, the marks they are making or what they like about the activity. Toddler  and Twos Teachers survive because they have a suitcase packed with ideas for each day and the tools and supplies ready for use at the first signs of disinterest.

Three year olds are bundles of raw emotion. Plain and simply. They.Are.Crazy. Something happens during the third year in the brain that transforms a previously calm, busy child into a whining, fit-throwing,melt-down-in-a second emotional wreck. A three year old will choose to play in the Dramatic Play Center when Center Choice time comes. When he arrives, though, to discover that his favorite dress up  fireman’s coat is being washed and not in the cupboard where it normally stays, he will become a sniveling puddle of emotional meltdown, unable to continue coping with life and heading for the cozy area, unable to be communicated with. No amount of reasonable communication will get through this murky, messy meltdown.No explanation will be heard, no calming will help.

Words said to this child will fall on deaf ears. He needs time to calm himself, to learn what his own emotional limits are and how to handle them.

Preschool Classrooms provide many self-directed activities but must always be demonstrated by the teacher to be meaningful for the children. I am all about discovery, exploring and such but discovery and exploring need a bit of guidance to be learning activities. Open-ended activities have their place for sure in elementary classrooms and also in Preschool, but too many open-ended activities for 3 year olds create chaos and confusion in the classroom. One open ended activity per day is probably enough. When all children have had a chance to explore the activity, then shut it down.Children of all ages need limits because they need to learn their own limits and how to respect the limits of others. This is not about squelching their little personalities or their just forming self images. This is about managing a group of little bundles of energy and promise for maximum positive outcome ! Teacher sanity is important


So now what do I do ?

June 4, 2017

I wish there was a computer that , if one typed in a problem, as in, “My center is closing in 3 months and I will have no job. What do I do?”, it would figure out, based on one’s Facebook page or Instagram posts or Search history, what one should do, where one should go and how one should proceed. But then, one would not have to have even a mustard seed of faith, then.

So here I sit, writing, because that is all I can hear from my Maker, to do. For some, this would seem an adventure, for others, freedom to change careers and still others, the chance to do something they’ve always wanted to do. Not so, for me. I am almost 60 years old, heavily in debt and the breadwinner for my family. We have two children in college; one in Law School and one working on his PhD but only a junior in undergrad. I have applied for Federal Student Aid for myself to return to college for my Master’s, as my Bachelor’s is in Psychology. I haven’t heard a word, possibly because my husband is still in debt for his Master’s. I would like to do Counseling, but need a degree and a license.

We’ve been told all kinds of things at work…that we’ll receive a bonus for staying “till the end”(Sept. 1), there is a new Center being built by our Corporate Childcare Company that we will be able to transfer to and also we will be able to work temporarily at one of our two centers still left in the city thereby keeping our benefits. I am not placing my faith in any of that. Businesses change. Businesses work on the bottom line. Businesses do what they can to survive, even if it means leaving people without jobs. Ours is no different.

I have worked in the same place for 11 years, in the childcare “industry” for 13 and before that I was a stay-at-home mom. I have prayed for a change, a new perspective, and to do what I am meant to do but THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT ! I am not saying God got it wrong, or misunderstood me. He obviously heard me, and said “This is the answer.” I know He didn’t leave me alone to figure it out. I wouldn’t keep hearing “Write”, to which I reply “OK but what about Medical Insurance, 401K and all that.?”

I don’t hear anything beyond “Write”. So that is what I will do till I hear more….

The Magical Place Called St. Thomas

May 27, 2017

Once upon a time, in a lovely little neighborhood full of hills and streams and rocks, there was a place called Saint Thomas Family Center. It had been a home to a family and later became a magical place where children had choices, furniture just their size and much opportunity to explore the great outdoors.

The ruler of this kingdom had changed over the years but was always a loving queen who kept the best interests of the children and families in mind. She ruled with a firm but gentle hand, was generous and kind and all the children loved her.

The Kingdom flourished through the years and many children came through the doors as infants and left ready for Kindergarten. The Kingdom had many Ministers of children, each with their own age group and each as gentle and kind as the queen. Many were creative and thought of wonderful learning activities for the children daily. Some were really excellent at nurturing the youngest of children and helped them learn to walk and talk and feed themselves. Others were guards of the children’s safety and health and made sure all children were properly cared for.

The Kingdom had its own Cook, too. She was a watchful, careful and pleasant person, noticing lots of details and having information about things no one else in the kingdom did. She was excellent in keeping the queen and her minister of the health and affairs of children up to date. She cooked wonderful meals that the children loved . Her spinach lasagna, three pepper pizza and green beans that were so marvelous that mommies often requested her recipes. Children would eat Cook’s food when they would not touch anything at home !

One day the Queen received some upsetting news. The Powers That Be of the Country had decided to close the kingdom ! The Queen had to obey the Powers That Be so, sadly, the Queen could do nothing about the decision. The authorities decreed that the Kingdom would be closed in two months !

All the parents of the children in the kingdom wept at the news and went as a group to talk to the Powers That Be  in order to block the decree and keep the kingdom open. Fortunately, they  listened to the parents requests, but only partially. The Kingdom would remain, but only for 6 months more.

The parents would have to move the children to another kingdom. There was no alternative in the country that equaled the magical qualities of Saint Thomas. No place that had the wonderful Ministers of Children, Cook’s green beans and Spinach Lasagna, the Queen and the Minister of Health and Affairs of Children. Parents were devastated

and understandably so. They came one by one in tears to the Queen, pleading with her to do something to save the Kingdom. The Queen had lots of compassion but could do nothing to change the decision.  She sympathized with the distraught parents and researched for hours alternative children’s kingdoms. Many parents were grateful but some were bitter , blaming the Queen and the Kingdom for causing them hardship.

The Queen chose her words carefully with each parent, calming and encouraging many, all the while not knowing what she and her Ministers of Children and MHAAC would do when the Kingdom closed. The Ministers of Children were understandably upset too, but kept their chins up and continued with business as usual.

The months went by and children whose parents had found other Kingdoms for them left the Saint Thomas Kingdom. The Ministers of Children were sad when children left their group, but carried on calmly, as was their usual practice. They still had wonderful activities for the children…glitter in the water of the sensory table(which cause the sink to stop up when it was dumped into the sink one too many times and the Minister of Maintenance had to be summoned), Colored Bubbles to pop and chase, Goop,Gak, and Cloud Playdough were still made and played with, science experiments were still done, water play still went on through the last summer and all the children were just as happy as they had ever been.

The Queen’s first grandson had been born during the whole rigamarole of the decision to close the kingdom and this made the Queen very happy indeed. She had fashioned pillows and blankets, bought royal outfits and sent them to him in the country in which he and his parents lived. The Queen and her husband, the Duke of Accounting were to travel to see the new Prince, along with the Queen Mother, midsummer.

There had been talk of a “For Sale” sign being posted in front of the kingdom but the days wore on and no such sign appeared. The Royal Regional Manager of the Government continued to tell the Queen and Ministers not to worry about things, but the Ministers were puzzled. The Royal Manager had told them a new Kingdom was to be built for children, but only for children of another country, another government but that they would be able to become ministers there. Their hearts were lifted a bit and encouraged by these words but no sign of another Kingdom appeared. No buildings were started, no construction appeared in the place it was supposed to and many Ministers gave up hope and found other Kingdoms to become part of.

But many ministers persevered and kept their spirits up, chins up and continued providing excellent care for the remaining children of the Kingdom. They soon learned of new jobs, transfers to similar kingdoms and were assured all would be well.

Each day children left for other Kingdoms and the ministers would send pictures, cards and anecdotes with them from their stay at St. Thomas Kingdom for Children.

Some gave wonderful gifts to the ministers in appreciation for the excellent care their children received. Some parents, however, were very bitter and angry with the Kingdom, the Queen and the Minister of the Health and Affairs of Children and still blamed them for the closing. The Queen had even helped some of these families find care in other kingdoms but one particular family was still very angry. The Queen tried in vain to assure the families that she knew nothing of the closing before the day it was announced, but they held fast to their stance that St. Thomas Kingdom was at fault and knew all along that they would close. With the angry looks and huffs and sighs from the families the Queen and Minister of HAAOC felt still a need to patch things up. There wasn’t any real way to do this, but they kept trying.

The Minister of Health and Affairs of Children decided to propose a big “Thank You” party for all the families who had been a part of the kingdom for so many years. The Queen agreed it was an admirable idea and great undertaking. As one by one and sometimes two by two, the children walked out the door of the St. Thomas Kingdom for the last time, holding their parent’s hands , full of excitement about their new kingdom,there were tears from both parents and Ministers of Children but each family walked away with a big invitation from the Queen to attend the Royal St. Thomas Good-Bye Party at the end of the summer. It was to be held in the middle of August, and included a water slide, bouncy house, clowns and jugglers, pony rides and lots of festive food, like lemonade and delicious frosted cakes.

Children who had once been a part of the kingdom and graduated were also invited to this lovely party and the Minister of Maintenance had to add many duties to his already-quite- long list, readying the grounds for the fest. It was a huge undertaking, but one with which all the Ministers of Children volunteered to help.

Sadly, some Ministers of Children left early, having found other kingdoms or other types of jobs that needed their expertise and not wanting to wait until it was too late to find other employment, chose to leave the kingdom. These leavings were tearful and filled with promises to keep in touch. The Queen and Minister of Health and Affairs of Children worked very hard to fix schedules and work magic with staffing so that no one had to leave unnecessarily and earlier than they had wanted. Other kingdoms under the same district needed help and some Ministers were to be sent to help these kingdoms.

The grand day came for the party. It was a beautiful day, and cool for late summer, with a breeze and partial sun. The forecast was 0% chance of rain and it held true. There was music provided by famous parents from the music business, with guitars and such and such a festive air as St. Thomas had ever seen ! The smell of grilled sausages and cotton candy filled the grounds and clowns and jugglers zig-zagged in and out of the crowds. The water slide was particularly enjoyed, as was the bouncy house and miniature golfing.Parents met old friends and made new connections and children delighted in all the activities, faithfully manned by their own Ministers of Children. The party went on for hours, ending only when the sun began to set. Many pictures were made, addresses and phone numbers exchanged and happy faces were seen all about the Kingdom.

When the last day came for the Kingdom to be Operational, there were 20 children left.

Twenty children were treated to special cakes, ice cream and a puppet show and 4 Ministers of Children were left to say goodbye to them. The Queen wore her crown and royal robe for the last time, the Minister of Health and Affairs of Children took one temperature and danced with one baby for the last time and Cook made both green beans and spinach lasagna for lunch that day !

There were tears at closing time from everyone, but when the Queen closed the door as the last family walked through the door, she turned to the Minister of Health and Affairs of Children and the Ministers of Children who were left and said “We did our best and we can all leave with that thought ! Always, always, do your best !”




There Once Was a Place

May 18, 2017

There once was a place called St. Thomas

Where they’d let you come in your pajamas

The teachers were nice

And would change your clothes not once or twice

But daily

Without a word to your mama.

This magical place had long hours

Which sometimes made teachers go sour

But parents they loved it

To the teachers they shoved it

And left their children to glower

St. Thomas would feed you dinner

Which made parents feel like a winner.

Three squares a day, with snacks too ok ?

Let’s leave them there 14 hours for a tenner.

The children were funny and cute

But some of them often were mute

With 12 in a class

The teachers would ask

And teach them to talk to boot ?

There once was a place to work

Where the most favored employees were jerks.

They shoved all their papers

On others and did capers

And wandered the building for perks.

What fresh hell is this ? We replied

When told in the blink of an eye.

That we’d be closed and the building sold

And no where to go, we all cried.

Employees who work well are few

There are many doing nothing it’s true

But we just keep on as usual

And work around all the n’er do wells

We keep calm and carry on

Though we’re worked to the bone.







Crazy Folks

July 20, 2015

I really need to write a book. Childcare is filled with wonderful, odd, crazy people (children, parents, employees)who would be perfect fodder for a humorous book. But that will be after my serious book called Stick.

It’s a Life.

July 19, 2015

This day and time, people are all about trying to make everything, including themselves, look better than it, and they, really are. What happened to good old fashioned honesty ? Out the window, Sayonara, Baby ! Political correctness has oozed over into all of life, especially online.”What do I mean?”, you ask. I’ll tell you what I mean. Pull up a chair, though. It’s gonna take a while…..

First of all, we are no longer able to use basic English words to describe someone or something. I honestly don’t know who started all this, but it has caused a whole lot more problems for me than it fixed. No longer can we say “blind” to describe someone who doesn’t have the use of their sense of sight. We say “visually impaired” or “sight-challenged”. What this is supposed to do is put a positive spin on blindness. I guess it will help others, who may be ignorant and prejudiced, to see that blind people have lots of possibility. I’ve never had a problem with knowing that, but maybe some people have and have not given them a fair chance. Should I now describe my husband as “thin-challenged” “food intake impaired” ? How about myself, who struggles with anorexia…am I also “food intake impaired” or “eating challenged” ?

I mean, I am all for compassion and understanding people who struggle. We all should be. But face it, we are not all taught this, as we once were. Families are often “housing challenged”, “money impaired” and do not have the time and energy to teach compassion. So, as a consequence, we are changing the English language to incorporate this.

Second, once we change the language, everyone wants a piece of the pie. If you have no disability, you decide to ante up

the language and enhance yourself to sound like a person someone would want to (1) Hire on the spot (2) Date this weekend or (3)Buy something from. This all began with Glamour Shots, I am sure. My Glamour Shots photo was perhaps the WORST photo I have ever had made. It was during the early 90’s and I had 80’s hair. Enough said. also the netting surrounding my shoulders was a bit much. However, people I knew were having this done and putting the pictures in ads for their businesses (particularly realtors, for some reason).  It made for a good first impression, I guess, but if you didn’t consistently dress up and do your hair this way, like in the picture, perhaps some felt you were not going to be completely honest with them. I did not use my pictures for anything. They went in a drawer and will stay there for life.

Another thing we’ve done with the language is to “dress-up” resumes. Now, you don’t even have to do your own. Someone else can do it for you to “enhance” your abilities (code word for LIE),  increase the value of your experience (code word for LIE) and tailor your previous jobs to sound like you are just the fit for the job you are applying for. Candidates have even been coached as to how to put things during an interview so as to land the job. What chance does anyone have with just a good honest work ethic and no fancy words ? None, I tell you, none.It is all a part of making yourself look better than you really are, and sound better, too.

Third, Facebook. I have nothing against Facebook. I have a page. I check it several times a week mostly to catch up with old friends who I am not able to see anymore. I do not use it for enhancing myself, my abilities nor for expressing my political views. I do not have an online “presence” in the way some do these days. My presence is just me. I don’t dress up my life, glamourize trips taken, or make my children out to be geniuses (which, of course they really are but if you know them, you know this). if I took pictures of my living room, you’d see paint peeling and the wash folded neatly on an easy chair. I’ve posted pictures of my neighborhood, which, nestled neath “Slider’s Nob”, a beautiful hill, is nice but nothing I would call “spectacular”, which in some brochures, it has been called. And perhaps, on someone’s Facebook page, it has been called.

I’m simply tired of others not calling things as they are, in dressing up dead bones and calling it chicken cacciatore, in parading the emperor around naked and falling over themselves to compliment his wonderful royal robes and in making themselves out to be authors when they have one self-published book which they themselves paid for and have not sold.

Let’s call things as they are, not what the masses require us to call them.

Old and Entitled

January 24, 2015

So many folks these days feel entitled. it seems eveyone is entitled to everything, regardless of whether or not they have worked for it. That is the way God works, but the world does not, should not and cannot work that way.We have to have limits, rules and laws that LEAVE SOME PEOPLE OUT.

My only entitlement these days is telling the world how it SHOULD work. I am OLD and I have WORKED for a number of years. HARD, WITH LOW PAY.And, with never, ever having expected to work in the first place. I was born in the ’50s. Women looked after the house, the children, social obligations and helped out at church. I have had to work IN A BUSINESS that I was not brought up to understand, with people I never expected to meet, much less interact with and to care for people’s children who I understand because I was supposed to be part of their world, their social strata. So, I CAN RANT.

First of all, why, in heaven’s name do people feel entitled to have child care ? I’ll tell you why. They no longer feel responsible for their own children. The mindset is, I can have a child, but someone else, not me is gonna raise it, pay for it and care for it 15 or more hours a day. Oops, I got pregnant. No worries, I’ll just get a government voucher for childcare and SSI,SNAP and whatever else I’m ENTITLED TO JUST BECAUSE I EXIST , find a part time job so I can keep all my “benefits” and voila, problem solved. Oh, and I’ll call you on my free phone to see if you have spaces for my child and any others that I accidentally pop out in the next 5 years.

The other end of the spectrum says; I can have a wonderful, stressful, high-paying job and so can my spouse but we can also have a cute little person to post photos of on Facebook, take to visit grandparents, dress up in cute baby clothes and talk about with our friends and NOT HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF IT BUT FOR 10 hours a day(which are all spent with him asleep).

Made possible by St. Thomas Family Center’s lovely,hardworking,devoted and longsuffering staff. I can bring my child straight out of the bed at 5:45 AM, with a full set of clothes to be put on by staff (with 3 – 11 other children), with no breakfast (snack is served at 8:30 isn’t it?) and bedhead (oh, isn’t his hair cute this morning?). I can leave him till 8:00 PM because they will feed him dinner and I will complain that he is using so many diapers. Someone (staff) must be putting his diapers on someone else.Oh, you change him every 2 hours ? Isn’t that, like too much ? I change him every 4 at home. Yes, he is asleep for 10 hours while he is home…except on weekends when I have a nanny. She comes at 8 on Saturday and stays till we get back home from our social outings, shopping and “me time”.Oh, and Sunday, well we have church at 8, then go to Grandma’s for lunch and she keeps him for the afternoon, so we can have “date time”. When do I spend time with him? Every day, honey. Don’t you see me bring him in every morning and pick him up every night ?

If your child is with us for 14 hours, he is going to use at least 7 diapers, not including those we change in-between because he is “poopy”. 7 x 5 is 35. DO THE MATH ! That is at least a whole normal size pack of diapers or more. Don’t complain.

We are changing him and you don’t have to be exposed to the bugs we are exposed to DAILY, at least 56 times.

Entitled to your own life? Entitled to pursue your career ? WHY ? Because you were born ? What about your CHILD’S entitlements from you, not some stranger. Security,routine,love,learning how YOU see the world, YOUR beliefs,. WHAT ABOUT THAT? When you have a child, you GIVE SOME THINGS UP. That is part of being a parent. You take responsibility for this child that YOU brought into the world. YOU will teach him how to act, function,get along, become part of society

and it doesn’t take a village. Just a committed family.

End of rant. Than k you very much.


December 7, 2014

I am an introvert. I love people, get along well, like the people I work with but I am still and always will be, an introvert. People tire me. I give out energy when I am with others…I get energy when alone.

I don’t particularly like people all in my space. Especially little people. How I have worked in Childcare for 10 years I don’t know ! I am not naturally a hugger. If I hug you, you know I really love you.I get lots of hugs at work from babies and children…and I willingly give hugs to them. And those hugs are energzing…because they are real and genuine. I just don’t like them climbing all over me like I am monkey bars or something. Something is wrong in Childcare if children are so deprived they feel they have to tackle anyone who sits on the floor with them !

I have the feeling this is going to morph into an essay on Childcare……

We are doing children a dis-service by giving them a caregiver who is caring for several other children. . Their little needs cannot all be met. In fact, the MAJORITY of their needs are not met. Yes, they are changed, fed, talked to and monitored for signs of illness. But we cannot be their mother. And their mothers expect us to. They have NO IDEA what it is like to take care of 8 babies with 2 caregivers when 4 of them need to eat, 3 of them need changing and 1 is tackling his fellow classmates right and left.


I am frustrated beyond belief with the requests and demands we receive from parents. And the complaints. FIND A NANNY.My solution. If you have to work…FIND A NANNY. STOP COMPLAINING about CHILDCARE. We do our best.Better yet, come in and work with us for two hours and SEE.

Ok. I am an introvert, but I’m not quiet anymore.

Titles for My Books

December 7, 2014

I want to write two books, one about Childcare and one about my experience with anorexia. I have already thought of titles…maybe they will be all wrong once I get the books written but here goes…



Gilded Cage

The Thinnest

Seeing the Light


Someone Else’s Children

Part-Time Families

Allcare Childcare

I’ve tried to write my anorexia book as fiction but it really is my story so I need to write it as non-fiction.

Childcare I could write as a humorous fiction or serious and telling non-fiction. Haven’t decided.

Need to write…….

Over-Documented Lives

October 5, 2014

What would happen if, for just one day, we all stopped documenting everything we do ?

If no one posted cute pictures of their babies, pictures of their 10 year old’s soccer practice, photos of the weekend trip to their college alma mater’s big game  or pictures of themselves all dressed up for a night out on Facebook, what would they do with their time?

Does every single activity need to be documented for the world to see ? Can’t we all take a little time to reflect and ENJOY what we are doing, rather than STAGING it for everyone else to see? What are we trying to prove ?

Why can’t we just BE ?

I rarely take pictures, have always been this way. When my children were little, I took pictures. Now, they take the pictures.

I have no desire to constantly document my life. it is far too boring. It would be pictures of my husband and I going to church or out to dinner, me mowing the yard or cleaning the bathroom.Me on the way to work….He at his desk…picking up or visiting our children in their respective colleges…..

I watched a movie last night on Lifetime. It was about a sexual assault on a cheerleader. Serious stuff but what stuck out most to me was that everything was documented on someone’s phone/camera. During pep rallies, the students were taking videos and pictures rather than cheering on their team. at the game…same thing. They were taking pictures of each other rather than watching the game. At an after-party (as they are called now), everyone was taking pictures. Turns out, this worked out well for the cheerleader who was attacked, because her assailants were named and arrested. But do we even just WATCH A GAME anymore ? Do we just HIKE, or SWIM or go shopping or go to a party without taking pictures ?

Revisionist history. Creative Memories has changed our society for good.